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Welcome Post!

Welcome to the brand new adventure of The Hawks’ Aerie.  Four branches of musing and creativity abounds – all interwoven underneath the umbrella of our cozy little nest.  We will be sharing with you our creative endeavors and offering a wide variety of services and products.  It will be ever-changing, ever-growing, and ever-evolving (as everything should be).

Please take a look around.  There is the main Home page, in which new posts will be made to direct you to whatever new is arising or simply adding portfolio work to our four branches of creative living.

The About page has lots of good information (as well as contact information) that can help direct you throughout our website.

The four Perigrinus tabs have specific information inside as well to answer questions regarding that specific vein of art.

Please do not hesitate to add comments, questions, or suggestions to our pages.

More to come!

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