Coming Soon ~ Intuitive Healing Services!!

We will soon be launching a new website for Kesha’s Intuitive Healing Services.  A reading can be done for you that will include messages from your Spirit Guides and/or Guardian Angel.  A meditation is done on your behalf.  Information is received that will be of benefit to you from your Guides.  This information usually includes the following:  Colors/Chakras to work with, Lifetime Animal Totem, Present Animal Totem(s), Crystals to work with, Numerology Information to pay attention to, Astrology Information to work with, Tarot spread done for current lifetime phase, and more. A finalized, printed, bound booklet (approximately 40-60 pages depending on the information that is received) will be presented to you at the time of appointment for relaying the information to you.  Long distance clients will have either telephone or Skype presentation.  It usually takes approximately 2 weeks from the time of the meditation for all of the information to be typed, printed, and ready for presentation.

My goal is for you to have a booklet that will help you garner spiritual progress in one way or another through the messages received on your behalf.  If you are ready for movement upward in whatever spiritual belief system you hold, then perhaps you are ready for a reading of your own.  The only requirement is an open heart, spirit, and mind to truly delve deep within to transform what you find into a centered, grounded, whole human willing to make a commitment to continuously looking within, transforming, and sharing with the rest of the world your own gifts.     

Each individual’s meditation comes through as a story with spurts of other information woven throughout.  All of my clients have some sort of connections that are made once the information is presented.  You may contact Kesha through email at for pricing and further details.  Client recommendations soon to come!!   

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