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Kesha Hawk (K. L. Hawk Photography) of The Hawk’s Aerie offers both black-and-white and color portraiture.  Black-and-white portraiture is my specialty, however, and what drew me into photography in the first place.  I offer sessions in and around the Eugene area for families, couples, headshots, maternity, festivals, children, babies, pets, small weddings, birthday parties, and any type of family gatherings or event.

Many more portfolio images to come…  Soon!!  🙂

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Prices for Standard Photography Sessions:

All session prices include the time and effort for the time of the session (as long as it takes to capture what I need to capture), as well as, the time and effort it takes to proof said images.  Clients may bring clothing changes for venues that offer a changing place and may request as many combinations of family members and/or friends inside of the session.  Most family/group sessions have several standard portrait and group shots (in addition to any specific shots the client requests).  The rest of the session will be candid captures of interaction between the family/friends.

Availability For Further Prints/Products To Be Ordered After Your Session (outside of the session cost):

Along with standard print sizes, I offer my clients the opportunity to order extra/other prints or products of their choosing at a range of costs.  The list is practically endless.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following print sizes/products:

Prints:  4 x 5 all the way up to 30 x 45, including square sizes.

Collages:  5 x 30 (8 square images inside) and 11 x 14 (9 square images inside) – other collage sizes are available as well

Finishes:  Matte, Metallic, or Glossy

In addition to:

Frames, Metal Prints (printed on aluminum), Canvas Prints (both loose and wrapped), Image Blocks, Cards, Bookmarks, Business Cards, Stickers, Magnets, Posters, Postcards, and Photo Books.


Standard Family or Group Photography Session:  $225

(Two or more people)

This includes at least 30 digital images from your session along with a 5 x 7 photographic print of all 30 images.

As with all sessions, the ability to order any print or product I offer through my printing company at specific print/product prices will always be available.  As you read above, the options for things to do with your images are practically endless.


Standard Photography Session with Digital Portrait Add-On:  $285

This includes everything from a standard 1+ hour session along with a digital portrait created by Matt from which you will receive a digital copy of and a printed photographic copy of as well.


“Nurturing The Feminine” Photography Session with Reiki Cleansing:  $225

($205 for the photography session and $20 for the Reiki Cleansing – There is, of course, the option of opting out of the Reiki Cleansing if you so desire.)

This session is dedicated to nurturing the feminine – at any age.  The wonderful and talented Shakti Gae, local Reiki/Shamanic healer currently working with Bellage Salon and Spa in Eugene, will be working with me for this package.  I firmly believe that every woman at least once in her life needs to pamper herself with genuinely beautiful photographic images that capture her true inner beauty.  This is what the Ladies Only package is designed to give you.

The session will begin at a venue that is chosen between both the client and myself.  I prefer that the location be an outdoor location in nature so that the client can completely be present in the session, allowing her true spirit to shine through (unless of course the client has access to an aesthetically pleasing indoor space that receives a lot of natural light).  The client and I will decide on a location together.

The session will begin with Shakti, who will meet us at the venue.  She will do a 20-minute Reiki Cleansing.  This will prepare the client for truly being present for her session and commit to the process of doing something to nurture herself.  We will then begin the photography session.  The client may bring as many clothing changes as desired.  The session will take at least one hour, but it will probably go longer as I tend to take longer than an hour to ensure that we have enough images.  This session is dedicated to my client, which means we will continue the session until I know that her inner spirit has shone through her images.

The client will receive at least 30 digital proofs, along with 30 5 x 7 prints of said proofs.

As with all sessions, the ability to order any print or product I offer through my printing company at specific print/product prices will always be available.  As you read above, the options for things to do with your images are practically endless.


I have been wanting to offer a special session for women for a long time now.  I have been a client of Shakti’s Reiki/Shamanic Healing for a few years now.  She has personally helped me to transform and truly let go of and change some negative life patterns I was holding onto.  The healing I have experienced has been absolutely tremendous.  Through my own personal experience, I know that the combination of Reiki Cleansing with Shakti along with a dedicated photography session for my client would manifest itself in a beautiful way.

Once Shakti and I decided to work together, the session details came together instantly and I knew that this was the kind of session I had been longing to offer for so long.  Testing the new session out with Shakti, herself, was a wonderful experience for both of us.  The session began uptight, not truly stepping into the role until about halfway through the session.  As we perused her proofs, Shakti saw the photograph in which she allowed herself to completely shift into the feminine and give herself over to the session full force.  It was when I had her play amongst the trees.

At that point, the images began to change and by the end of the session, we captured Shakti’s true essence and beauty.  It shone through her eyes.  Her spirit reached out and touched the lens, giving us some amazing images of her.  When we discussed this shift in the session, we discovered that by a woman having a Reiki Cleansing at the “beginning” of her session – getting her spirit truly ready to shift into the feminine – that then the entire session could manifest itself through the client’s true and genuine essence.

I think this is a genuinely unique opportunity for women to grab hold of perhaps something they have been missing from their lives that could give them more strength and confidence in their daily lives.  Accepting ourselves as we are and appreciating our own beauty is the first step toward accepting the beauty of those around us.


Please contact us at for more details and questions or to proceed with your order.

See the About Us page to read of the Frequent Buyer Program in which you may receive a complimentary 8 x 10 painted portrait within the guidelines.

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