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Matt Hawk from The Hawks’ Aerie offers a wide variety of original works of art of any shape, size, or type you prefer in his particular style.  He works year-round creating both his own creations, as well as, personally customized artwork.  His style is uniquely his own with lots of whimsy, fantasy, quirkiness, silliness, and fun.

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Prices for his artwork vary greatly, depending on the size, medium, and hours of work needed for the piece.  All the pieces he shows on our website will be individually priced.

Types of artwork available include original artwork – either hand-painted or digital artwork – on wood, illustration board, and canvas.  Sizes vary from square, rectangular, circular, or custom-sized options.  The option of any Cafepress or Zazzle item printed with any original or custom-made artwork is also available.

 Hand-painted, custom-made designs painted onto shoes and skateboards also available.  Hand-painted jackets are available as well.  Client may deliver/mail us an already purchased jacket they want painted.  Images of portfolio jacket examples soon-to-come.  Shoes or jackets already purchased by client can be delivered/mailed to us for artwork.  We will be offering a plain white shoe as in the portfolio example below for clients not wanting to provide their own shoe.  We will offer a standard skateboard as in the portfolio example below for either pure art purposes or for skateboarding use.  Clients can always deliver/mail in their own skateboard to be painted as well.

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 Prints of previous art and new art are always available in basically any size one prefers.  Prints will have the same options as prints through Kesha Hawk (K. L. Hawk Photography) of The Hawks’ Aerie (which are wide and varied).  The array of different types of artwork is pretty much endless.

Please contact us at for more details and questions or to proceed with your order.

See the About Us page to read of the Frequent Buyer Program in which you may receive a complimentary 8 x 10 painted portrait within the guidelines.

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