IMG_3496 ii 55 pwm

IMG_3808 II 46 2X6 ii pwm

IMG_2510 ii 46 pwm

IMG_6097 ii 46 PWM

The Hawks’ Aerie offers signs of all shapes, sizes, and wording.  Whether you are in need of a sign(s) for a directional sign, a family crest sign (as our own pictured above), or any type of sign for your business, garden, home, festival, or any other use at all, we can take care of your sign needs.  Make your home, festival space, or business stand out with unique branding from The Hawks’ Aerie.

Prices for signs depend on size, difficulty of shape, and time taken to complete the sign.  We work with Buck Potter, a carpenter of many talents, who helps us with the actual making of the more difficult shapes of our signs.  Matt then paints the original artwork upon the wood.  All signs are weatherproof with layers of protective coating.

Please contact us at  for more details and questions or to proceed with your order.

See the About Us page to read of the Frequent Buyer Program in which you may receive a complimentary 8 x 10 painted portrait within the guidelines.

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